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TANZANIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME (TZ-RM,) is a community that unites TANZANIANS living in Rome and those living outside of Rome who have read, understood and accepted the content of its Constitution and hence becoming part of the community's family. Tanzanian Community in Rome is a fruit of the well designed ideas, approved by all community members at the Community's First General Meeting held on the 30th January, 2010. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-ethnical and non-gender based kind of organization. It is a community that democratically, accepts and respects different ideas from all its members without any sort of segregation.
Tanzanian Community in Rome counts alot on members monthly contributions in order to keep the community alive.But all in all, it appreciates any sort of contribution from anyone.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


A law passed in 1931 required all railway personnel, drivers of public buses and trams, etc. to be Italian citizens.

The Legislative Decree No. 40 of 4th March 2014 abolishing that law entered into force on 6th April 2014.

From now on, all non-EU immigrants in Italy will have a right to drive public transport vehicles.. Well, that’s what the law says. However, don’t expect to see non-EU immigrants drive taxis, buses, trains, etc. anytime soon.

It is one thing to pass the law, and another to implement it. Let’s wait and see how long it will take to implement this new law.

In any case, it is an important measure because it is no longer forbidden for people from abroad to drive public transport vehicles.

Therefore, if you are a non-EU immigrant and you have a bus driver's license, you can start sending out job applications to public transport companies. They may have many reasons to reject your application but they’ll never say they can’t hire you because you are not an Italian Citizen.

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