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TANZANIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME (TZ-RM,) is a community that unites TANZANIANS living in Rome and those living outside of Rome who have read, understood and accepted the content of its Constitution and hence becoming part of the community's family. Tanzanian Community in Rome is a fruit of the well designed ideas, approved by all community members at the Community's First General Meeting held on the 30th January, 2010. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-ethnical and non-gender based kind of organization. It is a community that democratically, accepts and respects different ideas from all its members without any sort of segregation.
Tanzanian Community in Rome counts alot on members monthly contributions in order to keep the community alive.But all in all, it appreciates any sort of contribution from anyone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good News for Irregular Domestic Helpers and Housekeepers

From today it is possible to present requests for the regularization of domestic helpers and house keepers. The good news focuses on the workers that from June 30 2009 were occupied irregularly for at least three months. The application for regularization does not have any relations with the time limit or limit number of entrance (flusso di Ingresso).

Here is what you are suppose to Follow
The confirmation focuses on the workers that from June 30 were occupied irregularly from at least three months as domestic helpers or housekeepers. Requests of regularization are not connected to the time limit or the entrance limit. Therefore, requests presented on the 30th September 2009 will have the same possibility of admission to those presented on the first day. Every employer can regularize a domestic helper and two housekeepers.

Who is to present the Request
Requests can be presented by Italian citizens also by citizens from European Community, or moreover the non-EEC in possession of the Permit of stay (Permesso di Soggirno). If it is to regularize a just one domestic it is necessary to attest an income of 2008 not inferior to 20 thousand euro per year and moreover, in case of having a family hence more that 1 person, income needs to be less than 25 thousand euro. For for house helpers that assist people with sickness and handicapt, there is a need of a certification released from a public health structure or from a medical one arranged with the Health Service National that attests the non self-sufficiency in the moment in which the work relation was established with the non-EEC citizen.

First step: The deposit lump sum payment
The first step is to deposit, within 30 September, the 500 euro for each worker (and revenue stamp from 14.62 euro) through l'F24. The form unloaded from the site of the agency of the Entries, whereby it is also possible to pay online. But it is paid also at the Post office and in the bank.

Second Step: To present the the request - The second step is the presentation of the request, that can be presented from the 1st September and only via data transmission, across the internet site of the Ministry of Home Affairs, where all information is available. The procedure expects that the user is registered on the system, asks for an application form, install an appropriate software on the actual computer, Compile and send it via data transmission. Then, from October 1, requests will go to the Sole Door (Sportello Unico) for the immigration. after the control of the Police headquarters, employer and worker will be convened for the verification. Subsequently procedure of' the contracts contract of stay will termite. Requests with lacking documentation as expected and stated by the law, will be rejected and the contribution of 500 euro will not be refunded (To load the software the link is at wide page).

The predictions of the government - The Viminale is expecting a sum beyond 500mila requests: this means that the State with the payment of the 500 euro, should pack within a month between the 300 and the 450 millions. But it is necessary to keep in count also the 80 euro paid by the foreigner for the release the Sta Permit. The State after the confirmation of domestic helper and housekeeper wiil earn between 1.2 to 1.6 billion euro.

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  1. Asanteni sana wanajumuiya ya waTanzania Roma kwa kutuapdade juu ya mambo mbaliambali. Nikiwa mtanzania mwenzenu wa hapa Udine ninatembelea mara nyingi sana blogu yenu na leo hii nimefarijika na hilo la kuregolize wafanyakazi wa ndani. Jamani muendelee kutuletea mambo mbalimbali muhimu ya hapa italia na hasa ya nyumbani Tanzania.