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TANZANIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME (TZ-RM,) is a community that unites TANZANIANS living in Rome and those living outside of Rome who have read, understood and accepted the content of its Constitution and hence becoming part of the community's family. Tanzanian Community in Rome is a fruit of the well designed ideas, approved by all community members at the Community's First General Meeting held on the 30th January, 2010. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-ethnical and non-gender based kind of organization. It is a community that democratically, accepts and respects different ideas from all its members without any sort of segregation.
Tanzanian Community in Rome counts alot on members monthly contributions in order to keep the community alive.But all in all, it appreciates any sort of contribution from anyone.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


On the 25th May of every year, Africa Day is celebrated around the world. Its aim is to celebrate African diversity and success and to highlight the cultural and economic potential that exists on the African continent.This years celebration in Italy was chaired by Benin. The ceremony took place at the Marriott Hotel  in Rome starting from 19hours till 23 hours.
Tanzanian Ambassador to Italy, Hon. James Msekela together with Mr. Amon Fungamenza Entering at the Ceremony.

Mr. Salvator Mbilinyi with his wife and Mama Msemo

To the Left is the Dean of African Ambassadors in Italy, Hon. Mamadou Kamara Dékamo who is the current ambassador of Congo-Brazzaville to Italy.

At the center, Tanzanian Ambassador to Italy, Hon. James Msekela, on the left is Surgical Doctor Luigi Gentilini who operates in many African Countries.

At the left, Mr. Venant, center Mr. Salvator Mbilinyi, and at the right Mr. Ayoub.

At the right, An active Member of Tanzanian Community in Rome, Ms Riziki Habibu and at the left Assistant Secretary of The Tanzanian community in Rome Ms. Diana Olotu a.k.a Lady D.

Tanzanian Flag was also shinning.

From Left Mr. Ringo, Center President of Tanzanian Community in Rome Hon. Leonce Uwandameno and on the right Bakari Hizza.

Ambassador Hon. James Msekela posing with Surgical Dr. Luigi Gentilini.
                                                Mr. President Hon. Uwandameno serving himself.

Tanzanian Table.

Performance from Capo Verde

                                   Ambassador Hon. Msekela and Mr. President Leonce Uwandameno from
Dancing group from Angola

Mr. President getting his groove on, straight from Morogoro.

Mr. Mbilinyi showing them how to Dance Mayenu.

Mr. David getting it down on it.
In Rome, celebrations were organized by Benin's Embassy and had a huge number of Participants from representatives from various African countries, Tanzania being among them led by his honorable, the Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. James Msekela. African Food, Dance, Music, Fashion show were among activities that made the day memorable.


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