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TANZANIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME (TZ-RM,) is a community that unites TANZANIANS living in Rome and those living outside of Rome who have read, understood and accepted the content of its Constitution and hence becoming part of the community's family. Tanzanian Community in Rome is a fruit of the well designed ideas, approved by all community members at the Community's First General Meeting held on the 30th January, 2010. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-ethnical and non-gender based kind of organization. It is a community that democratically, accepts and respects different ideas from all its members without any sort of segregation.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Balozi Karume ni mmoja wa waliochukua fomu la kugombea uraisi Zanzibar

Mh. Balozi Ali Abeid Karume pamoja na mama Balozi wakiwa pamoja na viongozi wa Jumuiya ya Watanzania Roma kwenye sherehe za Muungano mwaka huu.

Brief profiles Zanzibar presidency candidates

Dr Ali Mohamed Shein
Dr Ali Mohamed Shein was born 62 years ago in Chokocho Pemba, Zanzibar. He is a medical doctor who studied MSc in Medical Biochemistry at the University of Newcastle Upontyne England, United Kingdom, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine, specializing in “Inborn Errors of Metabolism.”
He joined Chama Cha Mapinduzi in June 1977. If he wins the October election, Dr Shein, who has been Vice President since July, 2001, would be the first president of Zanzibar from the tiny Pemba Island. He is, by virtue of his position, the principal assistant to the president in respect to all matters in the United Republic of Tanzania generally.

In particular, he is responsible for assisting the president in making follow-ups on the day to day implementation of Union Matters apart from performing all duties assigned to him by the president. He also performs all duties and functions of the office of the president when the latter is out of office or out of the country.

Ali Abeid Karume
Ali Abeid Karume, the son of Zanzibar’s first president Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume, has been a CCM member since its inception in 1977.

He is currently Tanzania’s’ ambassador to Italy and dean of diplomatic corps there. Having served as a diplomat and ambassador in various countries, but mostly in Europe for over 15 years, Mr Karume is considered to have a profound experience in international affairs.

Mr Karume, 60, holds a degree in Economics and Political Science and Master of Science (Magna cum laude) degree in Business Administration from Columbia University in New York, USA. He first announced the intention to vie for the Zanzibar presidency on January 27, 2010.

He is married and the father of four children.

Dr Mohamed Ghalib Bilali

Dr Ghalib Bilali is professionally a nuclear scientist-turned politician who vies for the Zanzibar Presidency for the third time.

He shone in Zanzibar politics in 1995 when the then Zanzibar President, Dr Salmin Amour, promoted him to become Chief Minister from permanent secretary in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Dr Bilali, 65, contested election along with the current Zanzibar President Amani Abeid Karume in the 2000 General Election and won nomination for the Zanzibar presidency. But top CCM organs declined to endorse his candidature before they later declared incumbent president the winner.

The soft-spoken politician again in 2005 tried to challenge President Karume, but was forced to withdraw in line with the unwritten CCM practice allowing an incumbent to complete two five-year terms.Dr Bilal refused to withdraw, but his name was deleted at the CCM National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Dodoma.

Dr Ghalib Bilal, who is said to have been favoured by President Amour, obtained 44 votes out of the 77 cast when the Zanzibar CCM branch met. However, when the issue was moved to CCM headquarters in Dodoma and mainland members had their say, their choice, Karume, got 111 votes to Billal’s 61.

He has on several occasions attacked the revolutionary government of Zanzibar and his party for losing constituencies in Zanzibar. Dr Bilali believes that there is an urgent need to review existing business policies so that they can fit into the rapidly changing global market.

Mr Ali Juma Shamhuna
A powerful minister in the current Zanzibar Revolutionary Government, became the deputy Chief Minister in 2005 following reintroduction of the Chief Minister’s post which was scrapped after Dr Salmin Amour stepped down in 2000.

He is also the minister of Information, Sports and Culture in the revolutionary government of Zanzibar Mr Shamhuna served as cabinet minister in both Karume’s first five-year term and that of Dr Salmin.

He is the holder of a degree in Bachelor of Arts Political Economy, Economy of the Open University of Tanzania where he studied from 2005 to 2008 and a Master of Science degree from Colorado, U.S.A (1979 to 1981). Source:Mzalendo

Jumuiya ya Watanzania Rome inaungana na Watanzania wote kusema "LET THE BEST CANDIDATE WIN" for the development of the Country.



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